StaceyELN (englishlab) wrote,

DAY 7/365 preposition warmers - как-то они удачно пошли

Ответы тут -

1. He lives ... commuting distance from his workplace.
2. Mountains ... the sea are taller than those ... dry land.
3. I have only one piece of luggage. It is a canvas bag ... a shoulder strap.
4. She prefers cycling ... walking.
5. Do you take sugar ... your tea?
6. Do you always check your answer ... errors ... spelling and punctuation?
7. Have you ever written a letter ... a stranger?
8. The oldest surviving lighthouse is the Tower ... Hercules. It stands ... a hill ... the north coast of Spain. It was built ... 29BC ... the Romans. 
9. He has a ship. It can be sailed ... automatic pilot ... any predetermined distance ... any kind of weather. 
10. Sydney is famous ... its Opera House, which is designed to look like the sails ... a ship ... the harbour. 
Tags: fb, ideas, preposition warmers, scientific approach to happiness

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