StaceyELN (englishlab) wrote,

Грамматика по уровням: The Oxford Bookworms Factfiles

Известная методист Триша Хедж (Tricia Hedge) выделила необходимые на разных уровнях базовые грамматические структуры. Удобно, на мой взгляд, на данный перечень ориентироваться:

Stage 1 - 400 headwords
present simple
present continuous
can, cannot, must
simple gerunds
going to (future)
past simple
Stage 2 - 700 headwords
present perfect
will (future)
have to, don't have to, must not, could
comparison of adjectives
simple time clauses
past continuous
tag questions
ask/tell + infinitive
Stage 3 - 1000 headwords
should, may
present perfect continuous
used to
past perfect
relative clauses
indirect statements
Stage 4 - 1400 headwords
past perfect continuous
passive (simple forms)
would - conditional clauses
indirect questions
relatives with where/when
clauses of purpose, reason & contrast
gerunds after prepositions/phrases
Tags: grammar, levels

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